Patronize a Star NFT campaign


Funding of space research

Space research sphere is not profitable, nevertheless one of the most important spheres for society. Private funding of the sphere would help to speed up the research. The campaign was founded to achieve that through NFT selling. And we move along to this goal.

  • 2021 — First NFTs are rendered
  • 2022 — First constalletion is out
  • Present — The campaign is running
“We need to set our minds and energy not on each other, but to... the wide open vastness of space — the terriorty that begins a little over 60 miles above our heads”

Veselin Vuković
Founder of the campaign

What is so special about Patronize a Star NFTs?

Real Utility

Helping people to solve existing and future problems is what crypto sphere is about

Real Transparency

Ever wandered if your charity contributions reached promised targets. On blockchain it is tracebale

Real Confidence

We check foundations we do donations to and pick up only the most trustable ones

Real Magnitude

We cover all continents, including space laboratories and foundations in the U.S., Europre, Asia and Australia

Real Research

We facilitate real researches of space laboratories

Real Popularity

The campaing makes astronomy popular amongst anyone who is interested in crypto

Based on “Six Rs” above we carry on with our mission. Mint one of our NFTs for better world


Funding a Science through NFT revolution

Finding the money for scientific research used to be a lot more straightforward in the past cetruries: people got it from people they knew. That is how Christopher Columbus opened America or Alexander Graham Bell developed his telegraf - all with a private funding.

Government funding of science is likely to be reduced year after year

Any political cataclism tend to decrease scince funding by govenermnet moving funds to other "more urgent" society needs. Funding sources other than the federal government has become “a top priority” of many science laboratories

When you mint Patronize a Star NFT, you fund science research.

Benefits for the holders

While we donate the raised funds to space laboratories and groups of professional astronmers for their research, when you buy our NFT you are not left empty-handled.

Since we constantly promote and popularize the campaign, the NFTs you buy can drastically increase in price and become a valuable collectable items. It is also expected for price to increase when the whole collection will be sold out and the smart contract is locked for any furhter releases.

Moreover we encourage holders to resell their NFTs as 10% creator's comission goes to the charity again.

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Mint stars, not guns

Humankind is the major force in shaping our Earth systems. Our intense activity on the planet brings vulnerabilities such as escalating climate change and loss of biological diversity. It shows the urgen need to change our beheavor. And one of the way is to fund science for faster and better research.

Mint your Patronize a Star NFT now and be part of Space Exploration Community Patrons.


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